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Strażak-25 put up for sale

The firefighting vessel STRAŻAK 25 has been put up for sale. It can be bought through a public tender announced by the Ports Authority.

Strażak 25 was built in the Nauta Repair Shipyard in Gdynia in 1979. The class of the vessel is *KM F.F.S. 1a III L3 and it has 37.35 m in overall length, 9.22 m in breadth, 3.60 m in height at its side, max 3.60 m in draught, 275.91 in gross capacity, 72.08 in net capacity, and 2700 KM B 3012 SS main engine. Additionally, the vessel is fitted with two generators, 187 KM OM 403 Mercedes motor, Danish Electric generator of 147 KVA, and a system of two pumps, 420 KM H 12A Wola motor, and NH 250 pump of 600 m3/h. Its class certificate by the Polish Ship Register is valid through 27.07.2018.

The put up price is PLN440 thousand. For more information, see: www.port.szczecin.pl at przetargi-sprzedaż środków trwałych (tenders – sales of assets).