The deepwater container terminal is a great opportunity for Świnoujście

How do you rate the project of the deepwater container terminal in Świnoujście?

This is one of the most important economic investments of our country in the coming years. It will certainly affect the trade in goods in this part of the Baltic Sea, and although PŻM does not transport containers, each activation of trade affects the condition of shipowners operating in this area.

The importance of the Baltic Sea for the world economy is growing every year. Currently, the largest global container carriers: Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Lines or CMA CGM, operating as part of global shipping loops, mainly use Hamburg container terminals and, recently, the Gdańsk DCT terminal. Looking at the map, you can see that the space between the two reloading hubs is large and fully justifies the construction of a terminal in Świnoujście.

We should also remember that the container terminal in Świnoujście is part of our country's development strategy but also meets the expectations of the so-called The Visegrad Group, which treats the construction of the canal connecting the Oder, Danube and Elbe rivers as one of its priorities. The European transport corridor connecting Scandinavia - through the ports in Świnoujście and Szczecin, via the S3 road and the inland Odra Waterway - with the south of Europe, is certainly a very interesting alternative to the 6th Pan-European Transport Corridor, which starts in Gdynia.

And the fact that the transport corridor leading through the port in Świnoujście is developing very well, we know, for example, from the fact that, as the Unity Line ferry operator, we serve its Baltic part. Of course, we are focusing primarily on investments in new ferry tonnage, which will double the transport capacity compared to the vessels currently operating here. Including Świnoujście in the global container transport loop is undoubtedly worthwhile.

For the national shipowner, the economic development of the region is of fundamental importance, and the construction of the deepwater container terminal in Świnoujście is one of the pillars of industrialization in this part of Poland. This was clearly emphasized by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during his last visit to Szczecin. This well-thought-out strategy also includes the expansion of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście, and finally Polimery Police, a multi-billion investment by Grupa Azoty Police.

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