The double-digit growth dynamics of handled cargo in the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście was maintained in May, with transshipments up by almost 18 percent. In total, after five months of this year. the results are 13 percent better than in the same time last year.

The best result in May 2021 compared to May 2020 is recorded by ore with an increase of 128.1 percent. Right behind it with the result of 48.4 percent. other masses are better than in May 2020. In this group, ports record more imports of fertilizers and methanol, and more exports of tar, pitch and scrap. Coal is also doing very well, closing the month with an increase of 35.1 percent. Here, the ports handled five large coke and coal ships to Spain, India and Turkey. In May, there were also more general cargo, containers and fuels, which ended the month with +21 and +12.2 and +2 percent, respectively. against May 2020. In turn, cereals are the only commodity group that ended the month with a negative result of -23 percent.

The leader in terms of the volume handled after five months of this year. is still ore, an increase of nearly 69% The next places are followed by coal and general cargo, with a result better than a year ago by 48 and 13 percent, respectively. The leaders were also containers, an increase in TEU by 6%.

In the period of January-May 2021, as compared to last year, transhipments in such groups as other bulk, grains and fuels remained negative.

The last more than a year of the pandemic proved how important the port is for the economy of the country and the region. During this period, there was not a single day of downtime in ports. They remained fully operational, providing services to their clients. In the whole of last 2020, the decrease in transshipment amounted to only 3%. They covered the period from January to August last year. They were periodically minus 7 to 8 percent. On the other hand, from September to the end of last year, there were already increases in transshipment. At the moment, everything is practically back to normal. It can therefore be said that, in principle, the ports underwent a collision-free period of the pandemic, which was largely due to the reloading companies operating in the ports.

Maintaining this direction is also supported by investments undertaken by the Port Authority. ZMPSiŚ SA is one of the largest investors in the region. Thanks to the currently implemented investments, the ports will gain new and modernized quays in the area of ​​the Kashubian Basin and the Dębicki Canal, adapted to the parameters of servicing larger vessels that will be able to call at the port in Szczecin after the completion of the modernization of the Świnoujście-Szczecin fairway to a depth of 12.5 m. Ferry terminal in Świnoujście, it will be adapted to handle intermodal transport. There, too, thanks to another investment, a new parking lot for trucks with all facilities will be built. The LNG terminal is being expanded by the construction of an additional loading and unloading station to service smaller LNG units: gas carriers, bunkers and feeder units. In turn, due to investments related to the construction of new and modernization of the existing technical infrastructure, both ports will be more environmentally friendly. The access infrastructure is also systematically improving, including roads and railways connecting the ports with the hinterland. (Monika Woźniak-Lewandowska, ZMPSiŚ)

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