An interview with Jan Stasiak, for almost 50 years associated with port activities, 16 years as Chairman of the Szczecin Port Stakeholder Council

Container terminal in Świnoujście? The concept is bold and real!

- Are you still skeptical about the construction of a deepwater container terminal in Świnoujście?

- Years ago, when there were ideas to build a deepwater terminal in Świnoujście, I was not a supporter of these concepts. I believed that Gdańsk and Gdynia were sufficiently "cleaning" the container market. I changed my mind. Today I can see that it was a very bold and realistic concept.

- Something has changed?

-Yes and no. The container market is growing dynamically, today Hamburg is overloaded. And the location is an asset that cannot be overestimated. Świnoujście is one day closer than the ports of the Tri-City. And one more very important issue - which I am talking about practically on every occasion - the port complex of Szczecin and Świnoujście has a leg that other port cities of the Baltic Sea do not have, the Odra River. This gives you an amazing advantage for your location. These are very important arguments for an investor who is to design, build a terminal and provide an operator. It is also obvious for me that he will invest a lot of money if he has a share in the container and logistics market of the entire region.

- You mentioned the Oder. Polish Waters are eliminating bottlenecks, they want to restore navigation on the river in two years ...

- Measles is very close to me. As the Chairman of the Port Interest Council, we established the Odra w Świat Association, whose task was to promote this river as a north-south transport route with the option of connecting the Silesian Canal with the Vistula, and the Odra-Danube-Elbe Canal with the southern European seas. We also counted on the support of the new sector ministry, which added "inland shipping" to its name.

In the context of the Odra container terminal, it is this third leg that ensures the cheapest transport of containers by barge to the south. We supported the research of Professor Michał Pluciński from the University of Szczecin, who analyzed the logistics market along the Odra River. He created a very valuable simulation of the increase in the turnover of the port of Szczecin when the Odra is fully navigable.

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