The container terminal in Świnoujście will be built, the question is - in what perspective!

How do you assess the chances of building a deepwater container terminal in Świnoujście?

I will answer teasingly. When I was still a student, I read in one of the port-related textbooks that a large container ship would never enter the Baltic Sea (of course, at that time, much smaller vessels were sailing in ocean relations than today). The investment in Gdańsk negatively verified this thesis. 40 years ago, less than 4 billion tons of cargo was transported in global maritime trade, with a marginal share of cargo in containers. Currently, the total sea trade is 11 billion tons, of which approx. 2 billion tons of cargo in containers. It is the most dynamically developing shipping market, containerization is progressing not only in relation to general cargo, but also a growing group of bulk cargoes. In conclusion, I am not considering whether the project in Świnoujście will be implemented, but in what time perspective it will happen.

Maybe we will refer to this project from the point of view of the changes taking place in the economic hinterland of the Szczecin and Świnoujście port complex ...

Considerations about the benefits of this investment can be carried out on various levels (macro-, meso-, microeconomic), in relation to various groups of stakeholders. I would like to draw your attention to the benefits that are relatively little discussed, and which I consider to be key - benefits for cargo handlers involved in maritime trade.

These benefits may result from two premises, i.e. from the shortening of the distance of the land section of sea-land transport chains implemented in the relations between economic hinterland and sea port, and / or from a change in the branch structure of the hinterland transport. These benefits should be considered in the context of the changes taking place at the back of our port team. There is a clear decline in the role of large generators of homogeneous mass loads, transported in a conventional manner, with the growing role of general cargo administrators, including, above all, loads transported in cargo units. For these operators, the possibility of handling cargo in containers in the deepwater container terminal in Świnoujście, due to the significant importance of the land section costs in the costs of the entire sea-land chain, the terminal would be a very attractive solution.

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