In Świnoujście, further elements of the modernized quay have appeared at the ferry terminal

The hydrotechnical structure of the bed under the ramp and the steel structure of the loading ramp are other components that have recently appeared on the rebuilt quay at the ferry terminal in Świnoujście. Ultimately, the terminal will be adapted to handle intermodal transport, i.e. cargo transport using various means of transport.

Construction works at the terminal have been underway since autumn 2019 and are in full swing. You can already see their effects very well. In the fall of last year, a new flyover was built over the Świnoujście railway station. Work on it is in progress. The flyover will connect the facilities with the terminal area. The shape of the new ferry berth, created by combining berths 5 and 6, is also more and more emerging. The new berth will be 294 m long, which will allow the terminal to receive the largest ferries operating in the Baltic Sea.

In March this year. Works related to the assembly of the steel structure of the ro-ro ramp have started. Its hydrotechnical structure is already visible, as well as the steel structure of the ramp has been delivered. Its assembly is planned for August this year. The new ramp will be 35 m wide and 180 tons carrying capacity, which will double the technical parameters of the ramp that has been there so far. A lot is also happening at square "D" located between ul. Dworcowa and the layout of railway tracks. This is where the reach stackers for the reloading of semi-trailers and containers from or to railway wagons will work. Work is also underway on the reconstruction of the communication route along the terminal at ul. Dworcowa, from the Maritime Station to the railway crossing.

In turn, at ul. One of the parking lots for 170 trucks is also practically ready.

The priority issue of this investment is the construction of new and reconstruction of the existing railway tracks as well as maneuvering and parking yards. For the comfort of passengers, a new sleeve will be installed that will allow for collision-free movement of pedestrians.

As part of the investment, specialist equipment will be purchased: container trucks, tractor units, industrial tablets, radiotelephones and container platforms with accessories. Currently, ZMPSiŚ is examining the offers received in response to the tender in this case.

It is also worth noting that earlier, as part of construction works, old warehouses, loading ramps, and the existing equipment of sites 5 and 6 were demolished. Electrical, telecommunication and reinforcement works are carried out at the same time.

The investment should be completed in 2022. Its cost is PLN 185 million. The project is supported by the EU financial instrument CEF (Connecting Europe). (Monika Woźniak-Lewandowska, May 12, 2021)se.

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