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Katowicki Peninsula
Investment areas in the Katowicki Peninsula.
Katowicki Peninsula

Land of about 13 ha situated in the northern part of the Katowicki Peninsula; borders the Parnica River from the north, Regalica River from the east, and Clowa Street from the west. The land is designated to creating supporting facilities for the Katowickie Quay ( 440 meters long and 9.15 draught).


The area is designated for the location of transshipment and storage terminals for liquid bulk cargo, solid bulk and general cargo. The development plan for the Katowickie Peninsula provides for hydrotechnical infrastructure and improved land with utilities of about 14 ha. The development plan stipulates the construction of the two quays: Dabrowieckie with length of 240 meters and technical depth of 10.5 meters, and barge quay with length of 80 meters and technical depth of 5.5 m.

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