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The dominant role of general cargo

The port infrastructure of the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście allows for handling of classic and refrigerated containers, their formation and intermodal transport services. In the scope of the shipping offer, there are offered container line connections to the Scandinavian countries, Great Britain, and to the basic ports in Germany, Hamburg and Bremenhaven.

Currently, containers are handled  at the container  terminal in Szczecin operated by stevedoring firm DB Port Szczecin Sp. z o.o. Container ships can also be served in Świnoujście by big stevedoring company OT Port Świnoujście S.A.a

Containers in Szczecin

DB Port Szczecin Sp. z o.o.

Marketing Department

ul.Bytom ska 14

70-603 Szczecin, Poland

tel: +48 91 4308 674 Fax: +48 91 4624 780

email: marketing@dbport.pl



The main activity of the company is cargo handling of containers and general cargo, especially: steel products, non-ferrous metals, fertilizers in bulk, paper and wood pulp, project cargo, heavy loads and oversized goods, other cargo such as granites and unitized goods.

The firm handles at the container terminal about 90,000 TEU annually.

Terminal parameters and handling equipment:

Annual throughput capacity - 150,000 TEU;

Storage space for 4,000 TEU;

3 dedicated quays for feeder ships with total length of 1000 m;

2 ro- ro ramps; max possible draught for ships 9,15 m (at the moment are going investment works to able ships with draught 11 m be served at the quays);

157 reefer container stations;

2 STS cranes;

2 mobile harbour cranes -Gottwald 100 ton;

4 RTG cranes;

3 reachstackers ;

22 terminal sets (tractor + trailer).

Terminal offer:

container loading and storage;

container stuffing and stripping;

container depot;

full service for intermodal transport;

full logistics reefer service in the port area;

handling of dangerous goods.

Regular container connections

Destination Port Shipping Company Agent Cargo Frequency
Denmark Copenhagen Unifeeder Unifeeder Polska Containers 1 /week
Norway Oslo Unifeeder Unifeeder Polska Containers 1 /week
Germany Bremerhaven Unifeeder Unifeeder Polska Containers 1 /week
Germany Hamburg Unifeeder Unifeeder Polska Containers 1 /week
Germany Lubeck Unifeeder Unifeeder Polska Containers 1 /week
Sweden Halmstad Unifeeder Unifeeder Polska Containers 1 /week
Great Britain Immingham Unifeeder Unifeeder Polska Containers 1 /week

More detailed information on the website of DB Port Szczecin Sp. z o.o. - https://portszczecin.deutschebahn.com/dbportszczecin-pl .

Containers in Świnoujście

OT Port Świnoujście S.A.

Marketing Department

ul. Bunkrowa 1 72-602 Świnoujście

Tel: +48 91 327 72 00 +48 91 327 741 0

Email: info@otport.swinoujscie.pl


Is an universal port company that offers a range of services related to transhipment and storage of goods transported by sea. For this purpose, it uses a number of specialized terminals handling particular goods groups. Thanks to the integrated coordination, individual terminals can serve ships on different quays independently of each other and the type of cargo.

The company handles also containerized goods at Hutników quay which has 328,7m in length where the ships with draught 13,2m can be served. Company has a STS crane with the capacity of 68 tons and handling rate of 40 moves/h.

More information on the website of OT Port Świnoujście S.A

www.otport.swinoujscie.pl .

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