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Duty Free Zones
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Duty Free Zones

Ports in Szczecin and Swinoujscie offer services in duty free zones, where it is possible to conduct commercial activity, industrial processing or refining of imported goods. Storing goods from outside the European Union is done here without the need to pay custom duties or import fees.

The Szczecin Duty Free Zone is located in utilized cargo zone of the Szczecin port, in the eastern part of Lasztownia. It has an area of 11.47 hectares. It has 5 docks whose total length is 1377 m, at which ships can moor with maximal draught of 7.7 m and deadweight of 10,000 DWT, as well as storage sites 60 000 m2 in area and two multi-storey storehouses of 22 thousand m2 total area.

Goods stored here are mainly: granite blocks and cacao beans.

The administration of the Duty Free Zone in Szczecin is provided by the Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority. The functioning of the Duty Free Zone in Szczecin is coordinated and administrated by the Office of WOC-Port Szczecin, the operator is PCC Port Szczecin Sp. z o.o.

The Swinoujscie Duty Free Zone has an area of 47 hectares and specializes mostly in servicing cold storage cargo. For this purpose a modern cold store has been built of 67,000 m3.

On its area there are also 2 other cold stores whose total capacity is 8,670 m2, and storehouses whose total area is 15 thousand m2, used for storing wood products.

The administration of the Swinoujscie Duty Free Zone is provided by Euro Terminal Sp. z o.o.

Duty Free Zone in Szczecin – The Seaports of Szczecin and Swinoujscie SA
ul. Bytomska 7
70-603 Szczecin
tel: +48 91 43 08 741
fax: +48 91 46 24 145
e-mail: woc@port.szczecin.pl

Duty Free Zone in Swinoujscie Euro-Terminal Co. Ltd.
ul. Jana Sołtana 1,
72-602 Świnoujście
Tel: +48 91 321 65 11
Fax: +48 91 321 65 10
e-mail: euro-terminal@fornet.com.pl

The Swinoujscie Duty Free Zone
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The Szczecin Duty Free Zone
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