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Andreas Sp. z o.o.
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Andreas Sp. z o.o.

Street: Nad Odrą 72
Post code: 71-820
City: Szczecin
Tel: (+48 91) 45 38 691, 453 81 67
Tel. +48 91 421 59 10 (port office)

Andreas Sp. z o.o. deals with loading, discharging and storage of grain and feedstuffs at its own terminal on the Snop quay, which can accommodate vessels up to 8,000 dwt and draught of 5.8 m.

The total capacity available for customers is 28,000 tons, including:

  • SNOP elevator – 6,000 tons

  • 4 silos – 16,000 tons

  • flat warehouse – 6,000 tons

Furthermore, the company offers open storage with railway siding next to the pier, serves railway shuttle cars and handles 18 meters long cars. Construction of the elevator, silo and the quay enables to handle work in all relations simultaneously (vessels, rail, and cars).


Snop: 205 meters long with 6 meters draught. Two loading towers, intake hoppers, handling rate up to 250t/h.

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