port Szczecin
Baltchem S.A. Zakłady Chemiczne w Szczecinie
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Baltchem S.A. Zakłady Chemiczne in Szczecin

Street: Ks. Kujota 9
Post code: 70-605
City: Szczecin
Telefon: (+48 91) 462 43 42
Fax: (+48 91) 462 43 51
WWW: baltchem.com.pl
E-mail: biuro@baltchem.com.pl

Tax warehouses. Production and blending.

Baltchem SA provides handling and storage services for liquid cargoes. It services petroleum, liquid fertilizers, ethanol, methanol, and others.


Baltchem: 265 meters long with 6.5m draught. Pipeline system, tanks.

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