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Euro-Terminal Co.Ltd
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Euro-Terminal Co.Ltd

Street: Jana Sołtana 1
Post code: 72-602
City: Świnoujście
Telefon: (+48 91) 321 65 11
Fax: (+48 91) 321 65 10
WWW: www.euro-terminal.com.pl
e-mail: office@euro-terminal.com

Euro-Terminal Co. Ltd. provides a range of port services, administration of the Duty Free Zone in Swinoujscie, warehousing, cold storage, transport and forwarding, leasing of land and facilities. The company offers about 14,000 square meters of warehousing, 15,298 square meters of cold storage and about 30,000 square meters of open storage. The company has a total area of 50 ha.


CPN: 180 meters long with 4.3meters draught.

Wyposazeniowe: 200 meters long with 4.7 meters draught.

NOK: 164 meters long with 4.9 meters draught.

Zaopatrzeniowe: 500 meters long with 6.3 meters draught.

Komunikacyjne: 50 meters long with 7.0 meters draught.

Rybackie: 120 meters long with 7.0 meters draught.

Rozladunkowe: 600 meters long with 8 meters draught. Two portal cranes of 6.3 tons and 3.2 tons capacity.

TOP: 171 meters long with 5.2 meters draught.

Remontowe: 343 meters long with 9.5 meters to 5.5 meters draught.

Prob: 56 meters long with 9.5 meters to 6.4 meters draught.

The company is equipped with portal cranes, forklifts, locomotive and tractor.

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