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OT Port Świnoujście Sp. z o.o.
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OT Port Świnoujście Sp. z o.o.

Street: Bunkrowa 1
Post code: 72-602
City: Świnoujście
Telefon:: +48 91 327 72 00, 327 74 10
Fax: (+48 91) 321 52 92
WWW: www.otport.swinoujscie.pl/en/
E-mail: info@otport.swinoujscie.pl

OT Port Swinoujscie Sp. z o.o. supports mainly ore imported for the Polish, Czech and Slovak steel companies as well as coal for export. The company deals also with general cargo and provides mooring and towing services.

It offers a total of 19,300 square meters of covered storage and 303,200 square meters of open storage. Total handling capacity is about 12 million tons per year.

The company has a fixed base and self-propelled cranes with capacity from 10 to 140 tons, forklifts with a capacity of 4-21 tons, two floating cranes with a capacity of 16 tons, four tugs and a fire unit.


Portowcow: 245 meters long with 11.9 meters draught. Storage for bulk and general cargo. Open storage: 15,000 square meters. Two 16 ton cranes with handling capacity of 10,000 tons per day.

Gornikow: 330 meters long with 13.5 meters draught. Modern coal terminal with ship loader, wagon tippers and thawing station. Fully mechanized open storage 120,000 square meters. Equipped with grab cranes and a conveyor system.

Hutnikow: 330 meters long with 13.2 meters draught. Open storage of 5,200 square meters for iron ore, 80,000 square meters for general cargo, 8,000 square meters for aggregate and a warehouse of 5,000 square meters capacity. Two gantry cranes of 40 tons and 25 tons capacity. Handling capacity about 3.5 million tons per year.

Chemikow: 282 meters long with 13.2 meters draught. Two 20 ton gantry cranes with grabs. Warehouses for storing 100,000 tons of bulk cargo and terminal for handling liquid pitch.

Wladyslawa IV: 405 meters long with 10,10 meters draught. Located on the west side of Swina, prepared for passenger ships and cruisers.

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