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Shortsea Promotion Centre Poland
Shortsea Promotion Centre Poland

The Shortsea Promotion Centre (Biuro Promocji Zeglugi Morskiej Bliskiego Zasiegu) belongs to the European network of offices of promotion of short-range maritime navigation - European Shortsea Network.

The creation in 2000 of the Office is in compliance with the Union idea of supporting activities aimed at carrying loads from crowded seaways (from road to sea).

Of the main activities of the Office are initiation and support of activities targeting the development in Poland of short-range maritime navigation, the promotion of the idea of combined transport, "door-door" and "from road to sea", monitoring of problems and limitations, which short-range maritime navigation encounters in Poland and also seeking funds from international organizations, including the EU and national  government and municipal institutions with projects and programs oriented to development of ZMBZ (Shortsea Promotion Centre) in Poland.

Shortsea Promotion Centre Poland
ul. Bytomska 7
70-603 Szczecin
tel.(91) 43 08 448
tel./fax. (91) 43 08 321

e-mail: biuro@shortsea.pl

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