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The Polish Employers
The Polish Employers

The Polish Employers (previously Confederation of Polish Employers) is the largest and the oldest employers' organization in Poland. It has been operating for 24 years since it was established in 1989. At the moment, it represents 7500 companies, including small and large companies, some of them successfully competing on global markets. Members of the organization employ about 4 million people.

The main objective of the organisation is to protect rights of employers and represent and support their interests against authorities, public administration and other collective interests organizations. The Polish Employers are present everywhere where something important is going on for business and employers, for example sessions of Parliament and senate commissions, meetings of decision makers and advisory groups at various levels of the state administration, and steering committee meetings dealing with EU funding.

On 21st December 2012, the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority became a fully

fledged ordinary member of the organization. The cooperation with the Port Authority includes among others consulting draft laws, presenting opinions on the economic policy of the state, as well as acting towards reducing barriers for businesses in Poland.

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