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The 8th International Maritime Congress is ahead of us - registration is open now!

The most important event of the maritime economy in Poland, gathering several hundred participants from Poland and abroad, is ahead of us. In just over a month, on September 14-15 this year, the 8th International Maritime Congress will be held in Szczecin. Registration for this event has just started.

Deepwater Container Terminal secured by Polish Prime Minister

The construction of a deep-water container port is a great opportunity for Szczecin and Świnoujście – said Mateusz Morawiecki, Polish Prime Minister, during the conference held in the port of Szczecin. The Prime Minister also stressed the need to improve the parameters of the fairway leading to the port of Świnoujście, by deepening it to 17 m and widening to 500 m. The guarantee of the implementation of these strategic investments is their insertion in “Polski  Ład”, the government's economic and social development program for the country.

Container Terminal. From Upper Silesia to Świnoujście by Odra River!

The deep-water container terminal in Świnoujście, integrated into the network of trans-European transport corridors, will be one of the few in the Baltic Sea Basin, where the use inland navigation as a method of hinterland transport is possible. Undoubtedly this is an advantage that increases the capacity of the terminal and the entire Oder estuary port complex. Inland waterways provide the most efficient and ecological mode of transport. Together with rail connections, they are an important element of the European Union's White Paper on Transport, which describes the directions of development of transport for decades to come.

Świnoujście. Modern railway lines will connect the container terminal to the whole of Europe

Multimodal connections of the deep-water terminal in Świnoujście are a basic condition for economic success of this project. One of the main modes of hinterland transport will be an efficient rail network. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe already carries out massive scope of investments, both within the port complex area, and on the lines connecting Świnoujście with rest of the country and Central Europe. S3 expressway, connection with Berlin by the Oder-Hawel Canal, and in the longer perspective of the Oder River Waterway will be equally important ways of communication.

Westpomeranian Logistics Center is waiting for the investor

Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority  reminds entrepreneurs and companies interested in the lease of the Westpomeranian Logistics Center (WLC) in the port of Szczecin that they have one more week to express their interest in this location.

In 2024 – drive from the container terminal to the Czech border by express road!

Location of the deep-water container terminal in Świnoujście, in the transport corridor between Scandinavia and Adriatic Sea, is an undeniable advantage of the project. Only if the terminal is well connected with the hinterland of Eastern Germany, Southern Poland and Central Europe, and the transport modes include expressways, rail links and waterways. This connection network is being built. Already in 2024 from port of Świnoujście we will be able to reach Lubawka on the border with the Czech Republic by S3 expressway.

This city is ideally suited for construction of a container terminal!

Janusz Żmurkiewicz, The Mayor of Świnoujście: This city is ideally suited for construction of a container terminal!

Ideal place for logistics center, but not only

A modern logistics center, warehouse space, service activities, or manufacturing - in short, a place of many possibilities. All this in an attractive location in the very center of the port of Szczecin with direct access to expressways and freeways. Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority invites entrepreneurs and companies to express their interest in leasing this investment area.

Without a container terminal, the Port of Świnoujście will be regressing

Jerzy Wójtowicz, President of C. Hartwig: Without a container terminal, the Port of Świnoujście will be regressing