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Saga Ruby for the second time in Szczecin

Szczecin has ended the 2008 season of sea-going cruisers with the call of British Mv SAGA RUBY.

Skania already operating between Swinoujscie and Ystad

On 28th August this year, at the Wały Chrobrego Embankment in Szczecin, ferry “Skania” was baptised. M/f “Skania” is a passenger and car ferry which started scheduled services between Świnoujście and Ystad on 1st September.

The Meeting of the Supervisory Board

The Meeting of the Supervisory Board for the Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority.

The largest cruiser

On 21st July at 20:00hrs, at the Waly Chrobrego Embankment, three cruisers moored next to each other. These were m/s Sans Souci, m/s Johannes Brahms and m/s Victor Hugo. The three vessels occupied 300 m of the quay. Over 300 hundred people came on board of the ships.  

The Port after Transport Logistic China 2008

The Port of Szczecin – Swinoujscie presented its logistic and investment opportunities at Transport Logistic China 2008 in Shanghai. It is one of the most important fairs in Asia. Every second year, the venue of the fair is either Shanghai, China, or Munich, Germany. This year, the fair attracted about thirty percent more exhibitors than two years ego.

A new crane at the Czeskie Quay

Gotwald, a new versatile crane of 100 t, was purchased by PCC Port Szczecin. It is the first piece of equipment from the investment programme bought by the company. The company won a tender for operating a new container terminal at the Finskie Quay in Szczecin.  

Beginning of the tourist season

Visit of m/s Johannes Brahms began the tourist season in Szczecin this year. The river cruise vessel moored in Szczecin on Monday, 12th May.  

Tourist season will start in May

In Szczecin tourist season for cruise vessels will start in May 2008.  88 port calls are expected in the port this year.Szczecin for many years has been regular river cruise destination thanks to the favourable inland waterway connection to Western Europe. In 2008 from May to November the river cruise vessels will call 83 times. The vessels visiting Szczecin sail under Swiss, German and French flags.

New ferry to operate between Swinoujscie and Ystad

Already during summer, a new ferry will start operating between Swinoujscie and Ystad. Skania, the ferry, was purchased by the Polish Steamship Company to operate under Unity Line.  

Equipment for tire manufacturer Bridgestone

On 2nd February, “Wiebke” called to the Port of Szczecin to moor at the Holenderskie Quay of Fast Terminals. The first batch of equipment for the plant built near Stargard Szczecinski consisted of 32 boxes with various machines and equipment for production lines. Further consecutive batches of equipment will be brought to the port as non-standard general cargo and containers.