42 years ago, the August Agreements were signed at the Szczecin Shipyard


Celebrations commemorating those events took place in Szczecin. On behalf of ZMPSiŚ, Dariusz Śpiewak, the company's proxy, together with a delegation of trade unions, presented a bunch of flowers.


Since July 1, 1980, workers' protests broke out across the country in response to the dismissal of people from work, the increases in the prices of meat and sausages introduced by the authorities, and the deteriorating living conditions of the society.


In Szczecin, strikes began on August 18. First at the Repair Shipyard "Parnica", and then in two departments of the Shipyard. Adolf Warski and at the "Gryfia" Shipyard.


Talks of the communist authorities with representatives of the Inter-Enterprise Strike Committee in Szczecin began on August 21. After difficult negotiations, an agreement was reached, which was signed on August 30. It was one of the agreements ending the August 1980 strike wave


A day later, an agreement was signed in Gdańsk. The next ones will be held on September 3 and 11 in Jastrzębie-Zdrój and in Huta Katowice.


August 1980 was an impulse for systemic changes in Poland and the establishment of the Solidarity Trade Union. (MWL)

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