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A new quay in the Szczecin seaport

On Tuesday, 9th June this year, in the Szczecin seaport, the new Niemieckie quay was officially open. The ribbon cutting ceremony involved Piotr Krzystek, the Mayor of Szczecin, Janusz Żmurkiewicz, the Mayor of Świnoujście, as well as Dr Zbigniew Miklewicz, CEO for the port, and his deputies Paweł Adamarek and Krzysztof Sadowski.
The ceremony also attracted Simon Rodian Christensen from Copenhagen Merchants, the new lessee of the Ewa Silo.

The investment project of ‘Rebuilding port infrastructure in the northern part of the Ewa Peninsula’ covers modernization of the existing Zbożowe Quay and building a new one. The project is necessary to adjust quays to handle larger vessels and several vessels at a time, provide new mooring facilities, improve technical status and safety of mooring and cargo handling, as well as develop land for parking heavy trucks. Additionally, the project increases handling capacity as regards volume of grain and number of ships.

The investment included:
Zbożowe Quay:

  • Rebuilding existing quay of 200 m in length,
  • Extending quay by 35 m northward,
  • Extending railway track for cargo handling cranes by 30 m,
  • Rebuilding and extending railway siding of 290 m in length, and developing 1,230 sq. m of land,
  • Hardening surface at new quay,
  • Rebuilding and extending power supply lines, telephone lines, and water and sewage networks,
  • Providing lighting and navigation lights at new quay,
  • Rebuilding reception tunnel,
  • Rebuilding roofing above tunnel, and
  • Developing hatches in top tunnel surface.

Niemieckie Quay:

  • Building quay of 163 m in length,
  • Extending quay by 30 m and providing equipment from northern side up to Słowackie Quay,
  • Hardening surface,
  • Providing utility infrastructure at quay,
  • Developing lighting for quay and its facilities.

The project also provided for dredging of the basin adjacent to the quays to 10.5 m.

The unlimited open tender for construction works led to signing of a contract with the consortium of BUDIMEX S.A. and FERROVIAL AGROMAN S.A. in July 2012. Works started in September 2012 with an expected completion date in the first half of 2015.