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Another incompletely loaded ship to leave Szczecin

On 5th October 2013, ships of maximum draught exceeding permissible standard for the Szczecin seaport moored once again at the Katowickie Quay, where cargo is handled by Bulk Cargo-Port Szczecin sp. z o.o.

“M/v EmbdensWelvaart of 50 000 tonnes in capacity, 189.9 m in length 30.5 m in width, and maximum draught of 12.82 m can take only 25,000 tonnes of Polish coke form Szczecin to South Africa. The restriction is the consequence of the current depth of the fairway and at the quay. Today, the maximum draught in Szczecin is 9.15 m. Similarly, m/v AzaleaGalaxy of 24.23m in width, 147.83 m in length and maximum draught of 9.46m will take only 15,000 tonnes of sulphuric acid, although it could take 5,000 tonnes more” – said Ms Paulina Trzcińska from Bulk Cargo-Port Szczecin sp. z o.o.

For a long time, the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, together with stevedoring companies and other institutions, has been applying for deepening of the Świnoujście-Szczecin fairway to 12.5 m. This would allow Szczecin to handle ships of up to 11.5 m in draught.

At the moment, quays are modernized to service vessels of larger draught. In the 2014-2020 EU budget period, the Seaports Authority, as a party responsible for port infrastructure, intends to attract funding for investment in improved access to the port from the water side. Investment projects planned include modernization of Katowickie and Chorzowskie quays. While improving the access to the port from the water side, quays are modernized to prepare them for the new depth of the fairway of 12.5 m.

“Already today, three large vessels of 20 to 40 thousand tonnes can berth at the quays of total length about 800 m. Bulk Cargo-Port Szczecin has suitable potential in terms of loading and storage to handle such vessels. Cargo handling equipment at the quays includes nine port cranes, six railway tracks and large storage yards, tanks and warehouses necessary to service large vessels. Today, roughly 260,000 tonnes of cargo are waiting for shipping at Katowickie and Chorzowskie quays” – said Ms Paulina Trzcińska.

Every year, Bulk Cargo-Port Szczecin handles a dozen or so large ships like those which called at the port early October.

Phot. Bulk Cargo-Port Szczecin sp. z o.o.