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Handling potential of the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal is growing

Already the 10th ferry has started operating between Świnoujście and Sweden. This time the ferry is operated by TT-Line, Germany, an operator which has 6 modern ro-pax vessels and has been providing services between Travemünde and Trelleborg and Rostock and Trelleborg, respectively since 1962 and 1992. The German operator registered the ferry to provide services between Świnoujście and Trelleborg under the Polish flag and manned it with the Polish crew. 

On 7th January 2014, m/f Nils Dacke of the same operator called at Świnoujście for the first time. The ferry has a capacity of more than 2200 lanemeter, more than 300 passengers and 162 cabins. The vessel will offer 6 weekly roundtrips. 

After registering the ship with the Polish Ship Register (pl. PRS), inspections started in Świnoujście to allow the ferry providing services on the new route. The ferry came to Świnoujście from Travemünde. After the approval procedure was completed, m/f Nils Dacke set out to Trelleborg. 

The introduction of the 10th ferry to the schedule of the Świnoujście Terminal, which is an integral part of the transport corridor linking Scandinavia with countries of Southern Europe, will enhance the transport capacity for all our clients and operators.

The Świnoujście Ferry Terminal, is one of few port operators which avoided the recent crisis. It was possible due to steady growth of demand for ferry transport between Świnoujście and Sweden serviced by the terminal. Every year, the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal recorded increase in general cargo handling. In 2012, the total handling volumes included 508.2 thousand vehicles and 6.4 million tonnes of cargo and nearly 0.8 million passengers. The year of 2013 ended with further growth for the terminal – results of the last year included over 7% increase in the number of trucks transported between Świnoujście and Swedish ports of Ystad and Trelleborg.  The volume of cargo including trucks was 6.6 million tonnes.

Results achieved by the Świnoujście terminal in comparison with volumes handled on other ferry lines operated on the Baltic Sea, which actually witnessed stagnation or regression, and the clear growth at the Świnoujście ferry terminal speak for themselves and confirm the terminal’s high competitive position on the ferry transport market. The latter has been possible due to the number of ferries operated between Świnoujście and ports of Ystad and Trelleborg. Their number enable to establish a virtual bridge between Poland and Sweden.

The rapid growth of the terminal is promoted by ferry operators. However, it could not have materialized without steady development and adjustment of the terminal infrastructure to cater needs and requirements of our clients. Currently, the undergoing infrastructure investment project develops new ferry post no. 1. The total investment cost is PLN153 million of which EU funding accounts for nearly PLN71 million. It aims at adjusting to a new trend of servicing larger ferries. The new ferry post will be able to handle ferries of 220m in length, ferries which at the moment cannot be serviced in Świnoujście due to the shortage of relevant infrastructure. According to our plans, new ferry post no. 1 is expected to become operational still this year.

In the new EU budget period of 2014-2020, plans include an investment project increasing the potential of the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal, namely adjusting its infrastructure to service intermodal transport by, among others, modernizing (connecting) ferry posts 5 and 6. The project is scheduled in 2015-2018, and its estimated cost amounts to PLN127.8 million. Already today, the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal is the only one in Poland and one of 8 on the Baltic Sea to service rail ferries. Due to a special arrangement of tracks and manoeuvring and storage yards, the terminal can be adjusted to handle intermodal transport vessels. With its considerable handling potential, coupled with ferry services, the terminal contributes to creating a motorway of the sea comprising the North-South transit corridor from the South of Europe, passing through Hungary and Poland, and going to Scandinavia.

The development potential of the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal has been recognised by ferry operators who introduce new ferries. Already last year, the Polish Baltic Shipping added a new ferry m/f Baltivia on the Świnoujście-Ystad ferry line, a ferry which previously operated between Gdańsk and Nynäshamn.

Until now, ferry lines between Świnoujście and Scandinavia involved operation of nine ferries, two of them (m/f Baltivia and m/f Wawel) operated by the Polish Baltic Shipping, and remaining seven (m/f Galileusz, m/f Gryf, m/f Wolin, m/f Polonia, m/f Skania, m/f Mikołaj Kopernik and m/f Jan Śniadecki) by Unity Line which is a part of Euroafrica Shipping Lines.

The introduction of the tenth ferry on 7th January 2014 to services provided by the ferry terminal of Świnoujście, which is an integral part of the transport corridor linking Scandinavia and countries of Southern Europe, enhances the handling capacity available for all our clients and operators.