Help from the port for Ukraine


For almost a week, together with the Ukrainian Nation, we have been experiencing the incredible cruelty of war that they are experiencing.


As a society, we pass the test of solidarity every day. Almost all of us help as much as we can.


We also want to help as a port community.


At the moment, after consulting with organizers of help for refugees, cosmetics and household chemicals are needed, so creams, lotions, diapers, soaps, toothpaste, shampoos, washing powders, liquids, etc. For children, puzzles are needed , coloring books, crayons, markers, cutouts, games, etc.


We run the collection in the main building, at ul. Bytomska 7, in the hall on the ground floor. There is a table and baskets on it, into which you can put the purchased things.


We would also like to inform you that our pupils also help, such as Dom Kultury Słowianin. The director of this institution, Jacek Janiak, collects money for a friend school in Taraszcza, Kiev region, whose students have visited Szczecin many times and are now in a dramatic situation. Due to the procedures and the need to react quickly, Mr. Jacek Janiak asks for the transfer of money directly "to the can" in DK Słowianin, by March 4.


We will keep you informed about the most important needs, counting on your support.


We would also like to thank the employees who signed up for the Polish Red Cross volunteering program. A car packing campaign is planned this weekend. Expect calls from the Polish Red Cross! Every pair of hands will come in handy.


We encourage you to join the port assistance for refugees from Ukraine.

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