In the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście, the expansion and modernization of the technical infrastructure has started

In December last year, the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority S.A. signed a contract with Korporacja Budowlana DORACO for the performance of works under the project "Extension and modernization of technical infrastructure in the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście". The contractor has already entered the investment site. In a moment, work will begin on the basis of a special schedule that defines individual stages and areas of the task implementation.

The port's continuity of operation will be 100 percent. provided

The investment task will take place alongside the daily works in the port, hence the DORACO Construction Corporation, while preparing for this implementation, planned the works in such a way that the ports could continue to function during construction works.

A great pro-ecological project

The works carried out will organize and supplement the technical infrastructure in all areas of the port of Szczecin and Świnoujście. This will ensure optimization of the use of energy carriers, improvement of the environmental protection situation and adjustment, including compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Hence, this investment task can be called a great pro-ecological project.

As part of it, at the Ferry Terminal in Świnoujście, one of the sections of the electrical connection running on the areas owned by the city has already been completed. This action increases the reliability of electricity supply and is intended to reduce the risk of breakdowns and downtime of ferries. As a result, the functionality of the Ferry Terminal in Świnoujście will increase.

Importantly, this pro-ecological investment will enable the ferry to be supplied with electricity from the land network (without the use of aggregates), which will reduce the environmental impact of the terminal, in particular in terms of the emission of harmful sulfur and nitrogen compounds and nuisance noise.

It is worth noting that DORACO will for the second time implement the possibility of supplying ferries with electricity when they are parked in the port, because it was the first in Poland to perform such an installation at the construction of the Public Ferry Terminal in Gdynia.

After the investment is completed, the ports in Szczecin and Świnoujście will be environmentally friendly with an effective technical infrastructure. In addition to the possibility of powering ferries from land, they will benefit from an orderly sewage management and a reliable and economical supply of water and heating. It will be modern, clean and, above all, cheaper to use.

Technical details of the investment

The investment covers a very wide range of works, including:

a) construction of new and modernization of the existing technical infrastructure, including:

1. Water supply networks

• Port of Szczecin - 2.5 km of pipelines

• Port of Świnoujście - 1.4 km of pipelines

2. Heating and gas networks

• Port of Szczecin - 2.6 km of heat pipelines

• Port of Świnoujście - 1.2 km of heat pipelines

3. Sanitary and rainwater sewage system

• Port of Szczecin - 10 km of pipelines

• Port of Świnoujście - 2.8 km of sanitary pipelines

4. Electricity networks

• Port of Szczecin - 19.5 km of MV cables and 2.7 km of LV cables; 7 MV 15kV transformer stations to be built; 3 MV 15kV transformer stations for disassembly; 2 MV 15kV switching stations for modernization

• Port of Świnoujście - 42.5 km of MV cables and 2.4 km of LV cables; 1 MV 15kV transformer station to be built; 1 MV 15kV transformer station for disassembly; 2 MV 15kV switching stations for modernization; as part of the Shore Connection system: 1 converter station 3MVA 15 / 11kV to be built, 5 shore stations 3MVA 15 / 11kV to be built, 11 shore points 11kV to be built, 2 mobile cranes 11kV to be built

5. Teletechnical networks (including modernization of the monitoring system and construction of a telemetry system from scratch, automation of gate service)

• Port of Szczecin - 38 km of cables

• Port of Świnoujście - 36 km of cables

6. Fire / technical water network

• Port of Szczecin - 2.5 km of drinking water pipelines

• Port of Świnoujście - 1.4 km of drinking water pipelines, 2.9 km of technical water pipelines

7. SCADA system:

Port of Szczecin and Port of Świnoujście ensuring monitoring of the power grid on the LV and MV sides and standardization of the monitoring system, including in the field of fault detection and anomalies in the power supply system, fault identification, collection and analysis of historical data.

b) carrying out the necessary demolitions and demolitions,

c) execution of all necessary technical infrastructure necessary for the proper functioning (e.g. access roads, paving, protective barriers, etc.),

d) design and implementation of temporary and permanent traffic organization, etc.,

e) removal of trees and shrubs colliding with the investment under way.

The investment is being implemented in connection with the concluded co-financing agreement no. POIS.03.02.00-00-0074 / 19-00 for the project "Development and modernization of technical infrastructure in the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście", no. POIS.03.02.00-00-0074 / 19 under Measure 3.2. Development of maritime transport, inland waterways and multimodal connections, priority axis III. Development of the TEN-T road network and multimodal transport of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program 2014 - 2020. Its gross cost is PLN 141.5 million. The works are to be completed by October 31, 2023. (Monika Woźniak-Lewandowska)

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