Mega volume of fertilizers at the port of Szczecin

At the port of Szczecin, on the Gliwice Quay, the largest vessel with fertilizers in the history of the port transhipment company Bulk Cargo - Port of Szczecin is unloaded.

The bulk carrier "Apolo" brought on 23 bm. from Oman in the Middle East over 32.2 thousand. tons of urea.

It is worth adding that the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority is currently increasing the efficiency of the existing quays and building new ones. Everything to improve the quality of cargo handling at the port of Szczecin. This goal is served by two flagship investment projects under the name of "Improving access to the port in Szczecin in the area of ​​the Dębicki Canal" and "Improving access to the port in Szczecin in the area of ​​the Kashubian Basin". After their completion, the port of Szczecin will double the amount of cargo currently handled. This year, 32.7 million tons of cargo was handled in the entire Szczecin-Świnoujście port complex, i.e. by 6.5 percent. more than a year ago. (Monika Woźniak-Lewandowska)

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