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Modern container terminal in Świnoujście

Through modern infrastructure and port availability on one hand, and modern technologies, integrated digital systems such as Port Community System - on the other hand, deep-water container terminal in Świnoujście, will combine all functions and build competitive quality. In order to handle goods  quickly and efficiently.

On the shipping market we have been seeing a trend of building larger and larger ships for a long time already. For shipowners, the reason is obvious – the effect of scale works in their favor. Higher payload, lower unit cost of carrying the cargo. Let us remind, that we transport more than 90% of our goods by sea. And another important factor – more than 60% of the total world's cargo is transported in containers already.

Ports are working within this interconnected system and they have to adapt the infrastructure, quays, waterways’ depths to the needs of these large vessels. They must also ensure that all stakeholders of the transport chain are able to operate at the terminals quickly and efficiently. The stakeholders’ profit is inversely proportional to the time of the cargo, the container spends in the port!

Digitalisation and automation

–  There  is no escape from digitalisation and automation of cargo handling today – emphasizes Andrzej Zelek, president of The Polish PCS, a company that runs a pilot program to automate clearances at container terminals in Poland. -– The solutions of port community system type that we are introducing are already used in majority of big ports around the world.

Without the digitalisation of transport processes, none of ports or terminals will be able to compete successfully. Integrated digital systems eliminate thousands of activities that require paper, e-mails, human and  authorities’ work. By using them, we eliminate these activities, save the time of these processes participants in ports, and thus save our Customer’s money.

More efficient, faster...

The world is already using similar solutions. Large ports, such as Rotterdam or Singapore have shortened logistics procedures from few days to several hours, and in some cases even to an hour. Such digital system solutions under different names are used in Hamburg, Antwerp, Trieste or Odessa.

- Port environments do not differ from other areas of life – admits the President of the PCS. – For parties of port processes, data streams have nowadays turned into seas of data. The dispersion of various systems used by stakeholders, efficiency of all the processes, and shortening of the time the goods stay in the port, requires an integrator. And that's the role of neutral information sharing platforms like Port Community System.

Efficiency is competitiveness!

The added value of the future container terminal in Świnoujście is the fact that already at the design stage, digital systems aimed to integrate container handling processes can be introduced here.

- Thanks to that possibility, the new terminal in Świnoujście can show its innovative potential already from the start – emphasizes Andrzej Zelek.

There is no doubt that digitalisation and automation have become an integral part of innovation, without which ports cannot function today in order to keep pace with competition.

It is equally obvious that with the modern infrastructure of deep-water terminal in Świnoujście, improving port processes will increase the handling potential. And faster and more efficient clearance of each container gives tangible results. All modern ports of our world point to these benefits today.

Offers can be submitted until April 15th this year.

Proceedings are ongoing to identify the investor and the subsequent operator of the deep-water container terminal. Interested parties may submit their bids until April 15th 2021.

Downloadable documents: https://www.port.szczecin.pl/en/offer/deepwater-container-terminal/procedure/