Monuments from the deepening of the Świnoujście-Szczecin fairway on display in Warsaw

From October 28 to November 5 this year. in the hall of the building at ul. Nowy Świat 6/12 in Warsaw, you will be able to see a large-format exhibition devoted to monuments excavated from the modernized Świnoujście-Szczecin fairway. In addition to boards documenting the most interesting finds, such as a medieval sword with a scabbard, there will also be valuable exhibits on display. Among them, the stellar aircraft engine of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber from the Second World War.

During the modernization of the Świnoujście-Szczecin fairway to a depth of 12.5 m by the Maritime Office in Szczecin, 100 tons of historic buildings were extracted from the Odra River. This is a phenomenon in the scale of the country's post-war history. The monuments were saved thanks to the cooperation of the Maritime Office in Szczecin with the West Pomeranian Provincial Conservator of Monuments, the Museum of Polish Arms in Kołobrzeg and the West Pomeranian Sea Heritage Association.

Thanks to the cooperation of archaeologists, museologists and enthusiasts, it was possible to identify many of the excavated items. The exhibition presents the history and the present of often very unique objects. In total, 44,053 ferromagnetic objects (weighing more than 20 kg) were excavated, including 1,687 hazardous objects.

It is unusual to find and extract over 100 tons of historic buildings. We managed to save many extremely valuable monuments, both military and marine technology: about 100 different types of anchors, some weighing several tons, buoys, elements of fishing boat equipment.

During the sapper works, bombs, ammunition, as well as misfires and unexploded bombs were found - 1,687 pieces were recovered. Many different types and types of weapons were excavated, including weapons and personal equipment of soldiers. Among the remains from World War II, it is worth mentioning the excavated elements of the German battleship Lützow, bombed by British planes in April 1945 in Świnoujście, among others Tallboy bombs.

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