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New investment in the Szczecin Seaport

On 22nd June 2009, the construction of a large silo for grinded soy and rapeseed and grain was officially commenced at the Słowackie Quay in the Szczecin Seaport. The event attracted representatives of the City, Region, Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority and journalists.

The investor for the project is Elewator Ewa sp. z o.o. and its planned cost is estimated at about PLN20 million. The project will be funded from the own budget provided by Glencore Polska, the main shareholder. The silo facility will have 135 m in length, 50 m in width and 27 m in height. Its reinforced construction will rest on 800 piles and the capacity of the silo is expected to reach 40 thousand tonnes. Cargo handling equipment will include the state-of-the-art crane to provide for transhipment of 7 thousand tonnes of cargo per day. The storage facility will comprise 3 posts for loading vehicles. The completion of the project is scheduled in June 2010.

The capacity of the currently operated silo is 55 thousand tonnes, with annual output of about 750 thousand tonnes, whereas after building of the new silo it should increase up to one million tonnes.