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New silos at the SNOP Quay

Despite the economic downturn, companies based in the Szczecin Seaport continue to invest to prepare themselves better for the change in the global economic climate. Increasingly often it turns out that it is worth investing during a downswing in the economy to benefit from reduced cost and consequently generate larger return from investment afterwards when the market situation improves.

The Port of Szczecin has become an important centre for handling agricultural produce and food stuffs. Quite recently the construction of a warehouse facility started to improve the capacity of the silo operated by Elewator Ewa, a company whose majority package of shares belongs to Glencore, United States.
For many years, Andreas, a company dealing with handling of agricultural produce and food stuffs since 1992 in the port, has witnessed a rapid growth. The company successfully invests and plans to continue the same in the future.

Since the very beginning, the company has focused on quality of services, reliability and honesty towards clients. In 2007, the company was certified to ISO 22000:2006 by Bureau Veritas. The company primarily handles soybean and rapeseed meal, grain and various granulates. Until recently, the company has operated its own SNOP silo of 12 thousand tonnes and a 6 thousand t warehouse. After the completion of their latest project, which involves building four steel silos, the storage capacity was brought to the level of 16 thousand tonnes.
The building of the silos was the largest project ever implemented by the company and at the same time a response to growing demand among their clients. At the moment, Andreas is the second in the port regarding storage space available for grain products, animal feed and granulates.

Another stage of the investment process scheduled in 2009-2010 is extending of the SNOP II Quay another 30 m and dredging it to a technical depth of 7m.

- We focus on reliability and honesty towards our clients. We make our best to meet our clients’ expectations. To this end, we need new investment, said Piotr Andreas, the owner of the company.