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Our ports in the Schengen zone

A ceremony marking Poland’s accession to the Schengen Agreement took place on 21st December 2007 at a ferry terminal in Swinoujscie. With the accession, ports in Szczecin and Swinoujscie ceased to operate on the outer EU border, and consequently border control for passengers traveling to Denmark and Sweden was abolished since now those countries belong to the Schengen Agreement.

Border guards left their posts and responsibility for security in the port was assumed by other services. The terminal was adjusted to new security requirements whereas the whole system of guarding was restructured and improved. During the ceremony attended by a vast number of honourable guests a ribbon was cut to symbolise opening of borders. A device to control luggage was demonstrated. The purpose of the device is to ensure security of passengers. Opening borders does not entail complete abolishment of control, however the manner of conducting the control will change which inevitably will make it remarkably better for passengers.