The port of Szczecin has started to load on the Czech quay

In the Port of Szczecin, on the Czech and Slovak quays, the sinking of giant steel pipes has begun, which will strengthen the rebuilt quays. Works under the investment "Improving access to the port in Szczecin in the area of ​​the Dębicki Canal" are carried out by the NDI group from Sopot.

The first steel pipes with a length of 21 meters and a cross-section of fi 914 (0.914 m) have already been embedded in the bottom of the Czech quay. It is on them that the newly built quay will be erected. The total length of the reconstructed Czeskie and Słowackie quays is just over 1000 meters.

- We are starting to sink the pipes that will be used for the foundation of the quay - says Piotr Arabczyk, contract director of NDI, the general contractor. - The pipes are driven in with a vibrator. A new quay will be built on this structure, which will be used for cargo handling. This is the first stage of the construction of the Czech Quay, which will include 316.5 meters of the quay.

Ultimately, as many as 9600 tons of pipes with a diameter of 914 and 813 will be installed. Each of them is 18 to 21 meters long. Works on the Czech and Slovak wharfs have been going on since last autumn. Both quays will be demolished and rebuilt. Currently, the Czech Quay is being demolished along with the ro-ro ramp. There is also a techno road on the other side of the Dębicki Canal

Video from this stage of the investment:

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