Port of Szczecin - progress of works related to the construction and reconstruction of quays in the Kashubian Basin

In the Port of Szczecin, on the quays of the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, construction works are underway in the Kashubian Basin and the Notecki Basin, as part of the investment "Improving access to the port in Szczecin in the Kashubian Basin". The general contractor of the task is the DORACO Construction Corporation.

October 14 this year. ZMPSiŚ SA organized an information meeting during which the progress of works was discussed. In terms of material progress, they amount to 30 percent. and financial 23.5 percent.

From the moment of entering the construction site, at the end of last year, work began simultaneously on several work fronts planned for implementation in the first stage. These include the reconstruction of the Chorzowskie and Gliwicki Uskok Quays, works related to the landing of the Notecki Basin and the construction of a new Closing Quay, the construction of a new Dąbrowieckie Quay with a dolphin marina, housing the corners of the Ostrów Mieleński and Mieleńska Łąka Islands and partial dredging works at the Kashubian Basin quays to a depth of 12, 5 m. At this stage, approximately 400 meters of quays will be modernized and the same number of new ones will be built.

Importantly, from the safety point of view, the dredging works are preceded by surveys and bottom cleaning works from ferromagnetic materials. The bottom in the Basin area was identified and cleaned in 40%. from ferromagnetic objects.

In order to carry out the tasks, a total of over 3,000 tons of sheet piling were delivered to the investment area, which constitutes 100 percent. needs and 400 pipes (3,100 tons), which is 70 percent. needs.

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