Port of Szczecin - reconstruction of the Kashubian Basin begins

The Port of Szczecin-Świnoujście inaugurated the launch of the project "Improving access to the Port of Szczecin in the area of ​​the Kashubian Basin", a contract with the contractor has just been signed.

The Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority has signed a contract with the Gdańsk-based Construction Corporation DORACO. As part of the project, the general contractor will carry out a complex of works, thanks to which the Szczecin port will be adapted to the reception and efficient service of vessels with greater draft and greater capacity. The port waters will be 12.5 meters deep, which is the same as the Świnoujście-Szczecin fairway.

- Currently, in the Szczecin-Świnoujście seaport complex, the largest investments in their history are underway, the value of which amounts to almost three billion zlotys. Some of them are groundbreaking and although they were discussed for many years, now they are being created in front of our eyes - says Krzysztof Urbaś, President of the Management Board of ZMPSiŚ SA. The priority is to adapt the infrastructure of both ports to the current trends on the maritime transport market, as well as to improve and expand the offer of both ports, and, consequently, to acquire additional contractors and cargo - adds K. Urbaś.

The tasks facing DORACO include the construction of new quays - Dąbrowieckie and closing the Notecki Basin, reconstruction of the existing quays (Katowicki, Chorzowski and Uskoki Gliwicki and Chorzowski) over a total length of approx. 1,300 meters, housing of the shores of the Ostrów Mieleński and Mieleńska Łąka islands over a total length of approx. 480 meters as well as deepening the basin of the Kashubian Basin to 12.5 meters with the landing of the Notecki Basin. Moreover, in the scope of the works performed, the water and sewage, electric and teletechnical networks will be reconstructed, and the road and rail systems will be modernized.

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