Ready for new ferries

The Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority welcomed the information about signing a contract between Polskie Promy and Gdańsk Shipyard for the construction of three ro-pax ferries with the option of building a fourth ferry. The ferries are to be "modern, environmentally friendly and low-emission", and each of them will offer as much as 4,100 meters of load line. It fits perfectly with the modern trends on the ferry market.

The initiative is all the more pleasing because ZMPSiŚ, observing the changes taking place in the world ferry transport, i.e. replacing old ferries with larger, modern and more environmentally friendly ferries, has been consistently modernizing and improving the infrastructure and superstructure of the Świnoujście ferry terminal for years. An example may be the investment currently underway to adapt the ferry terminal to handle intermodal transport and handle the largest and most modern ferries operating in the Baltic Sea. Car parks, storage yards, access roads are being renovated, and car and ferry traffic at the terminal are being automated. New equipment is purchased.

The ferry terminal is fully ready to receive an extensive and more modern fleet. Only comprehensive activities, i.e. a modern terminal professionally servicing an extensive, new fleet, can increase the competitiveness of the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal on the Baltic ferry market.

So we look forward to seeing the new ferries!

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