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Scandinavian Days in Szczecin

On Friday 4th April 2014, in Szczecin, a business conference was held on ‘the Scandinavian model of cooperation in Szczecin’. During the conference, attendees had an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience on operating in the Scandinavian market.

Organizers invited representatives of cities, ambassadors of Scandinavian countries, as well as representatives of universities, clusters and companies from modern technology sector and other business sectors.

A panel on the role of Szczecin as a platform between Scandinavia and Europe was particularly interesting part of the agenda for the Ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście. For this reason, the panel discussion involved Krzysztof Sadowski, Member of Board for Port Development and Rafał Zahorski managing Magemar Polska. Along with the V-ce Mayor, Piotr Mync, Maciej Dziadosz, President of Goleniów Airport, as well as with representatives of Scandinavian ventures, Daniel Larsson (Business Sweden), Magnus Isaksson (Realkapital, Norway), Thomas Jensen and Thomas Greiff of TransCargo (Denmark) discussed the status of the preparation of the city, its infrastructure and human resources, to develop a Polish-Scandinavian cooperation.

Favourable location of ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście on the shortest route linking Scandinavia with the south of Europe facilitates goods handling on the route. According to particular countries, the largest volume of cargo is generated by trade with Sweden (7.5 million tonnes a year), which is related to ferry traffic between Świnoujście and Swedish ports of Ystad and Trelleborg. Port trade with Norway and Denmark is ranked second, and bulk cargo prevails. As regards Finland, apart from bulk, timber, paper, pulp and still mill products account for a large part of the trade. In general, Scandinavian countries account for the major part of cargo handling in ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście if compared with other countries. Nearly a half of goods going through the ports are goods having their origin or destination in Scandinavian countries.

The conference in ‘the Scandinavian model of cooperation in Szczecin’ was a part of the Scandinavian Days in Szczecin held on 4 to 6 March. The event was divided into four modules: education, culture, sport and business. The last one was the main point of focus of the conference.