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Seagoing Cruisers In Szczecin

For two days inhabitants of Szczecin and tourists had an opportunity to admire beautiful sea-going cruisers at the embankment of Wały Chrobrego.

On 19th August, m/s Silver Cloud, an American Silversea owned super luxury cruiser, called at Szczecin. It is a small ship comparing to other cruisers, but it is not size which makes Silver Cloud great. It is a true sailing luxury, for the most demanding and at the same time the richest clients, chiefly from the United States. The ship came to our city from Visby, Sweden, and its itinerary includes also Stockholm, Copenhagen, Malmö and London. Szczecin welcomed a Silversea ship for the first time. Provided its passengers like the city, the operator may plan other visits in the future.

Next day, on 20th August, m/s Delphin moored at the same location. The ship owned by Hans Kreuzfahrten visited Szczecin for the first time. It came to Szczecin from the German port of Kiel. During its voyage it plans to call at Gdynia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. The two cruisers brought to Szczecin the total of 694 tourists on board from Germany and the US and 450 members of their international crews.

Next year, already 15 sea-going cruisers announced their calls at Szczecin. Some of them will visit the city for the first time, but we hope they will come again many times in the future.

Wojciech Sobecki