Seventh blood donation at the port

The Blood Donors Club operating at the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, together with the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Szczecin, organized the seventh time in port blood donation. Now the port workers have 102.33 liters of blood on their account.

ZMPSiŚ SA has been regularly organizing blood donation in the port for five years. A record number of applicants, 43 people, applied to participate in this year's campaign. Blood donated 37 of them. As a result, 16.33 liters of this life-giving gift were collected.

However, this result would not have been possible if it had not been for the involvement of the employees of ZMPSiŚ, the Port Fire Service and, above all, students of schools cooperating with the company. We would like to thank especially the students from the School Complex of the Salesian Society and the Complex of Sports Schools at ul. Małopolska from Szczecin. Many of these young people had just turned 18 and donated blood for the first time in their lives. There were also students from the Maritime University of Technology in Szczecin.

We would like to thank everyone very much and invite you to the next actions. (Monika Woźniak-Lewandowska)

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