Strażak-24 returned to work

After a five-month break related to a thorough renovation, the fire ship "Strażak-24". This unit has been guarding security in the port for over 45 years. Thanks to the recent renovation, it will be able to work for at least the next decade.

The "Strażak-24" was built in 1976 at the Wisła shipyard in Gdańsk. It participates in the assistance of ships carrying dangerous goods and actively provides fire protection in the port. It has to be on standby at all times, regardless of the weather, time or season.

The overhaul of the unit was performed in Szczecin at the Marco Service Sp. z o.o., which performed a lot of renovation and modernization works. The most important overhauls that have been performed on the vessel include, among others, comprehensive repair of engines and engine systems, modernization of extinguishing systems, modernization of self-protection systems, modernization of the navigation system and improvement of the working conditions of the crew of the vessel. Thanks to the introduced changes and repairs, this almost "half-century" unit can continue to provide its services in the port of Szczecin, and due to the technological solutions used, it can also educate by showing the work done.

It is worth mentioning the great contribution made to the refurbishment of the unit by the crews who assisted in the shipbuilding work and meticulously checked all the modernization and repairs used.

Currently, ZMPSiŚ SA has two fire ships in its fleet. One of them, the aforementioned "Strażak - 24", is based in Szczecin, the other "Strażak - 26" in Świnoujście. There he provides assistance, among others gas carriers calling at the LNG terminal. In the fall of next year, the fleet will be enlarged by a new unit called "Strażak-28". (Monika Woźniak-Lewandowska)

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