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The Ewa Silo has new investor

On 26th August this year the Ewa Silo gained a new investor. A contract has been signed by the Board of the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority and Copenhagen Merchants Holding A/S, Denmark. The selection of a new lessee for the facility concluded the tender procedure.

The 30 year contract provides for the upgrading of technologies applied for loading and storage of grain, animal feed and other organic bulk, with special emphasis on sea transport in supply chains. The lessee will provide loading and storage of the said commodities. An annual cargo handling is expected to exceed 350 thousand tons.

The Ewa Silo was built early 20th c. Its vertical and horizontal storage capacity is 50-55 thousand tons of grain. Before it starts operating it will undergo modernization to improve loading an storage technologies used for grain and animal feed, as well as other bulk organic products, including in and outbound port traffic of goods.

Infrastructure in the vicinity of the silo supports loading and unloading of all means of transport, including ships, railway cars and trucks. The Zbożowe Quay adjacent to the silo underwent comprehensive modernization whereas the Niemieckie Quay was built anew.

The Ports Authority expects that after the Ewa Silo is made operational the annual cargo handling in the port should grow in the port of Szczecin by about 350-375 thousand tons. During further consecutive years cargo handling should be even larger. In order to make it happen, dredging of the Szczecin –Świnoujście fairway to 12.5 m seem to be crucial. The comprehensive modernization of 68 km of the fairway, which apart from dredging includes improvements to the fairway banks, establishing new passes and turning basins and providing modern navigation equipment will make navigation faster, more efficient and safer. This should improve accessibility of the port of Szczecin which will be able to service ships 100% larger than previously. Additionally, large feeder vessels and larger than previously passenger ships will be able to call at Szczecin.

The announcement on the lease of the Ewa Silo was published by the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority in October last year, whereas bids were opened on 25th February this year. Three bidders competed for the lease: GLENCORE Polska Spółka z o.o., Poland, AB „LINAS AGRO” (Lithuania) and CM Holding A/S, Denmark. The bid by the Danish company turned out to be the winning one. A relevant recommendation of the Board was approved by the Supervisory Board of the Port, which was followed by an approval of the Minister of State Treasury.