The Port of Szczecin increases the capacity of the quays in the Dębicki Canal

Increasing the efficiency of the existing quays, building new ones and improving the quality of cargo handling in the port of Szczecin are the goals of the investment "Improving access to the port in Szczecin in the area of ​​the Dębicki Canal". The progress of the work was discussed at a press conference.

The work is in full swing

Modernization of the Czech Quay is underway, where some of the metal piles strengthening this quay have already been driven into the ground. Ultimately, as many as 9600 tons of pipes with a diameter of 914 and 813 will be installed. Each of them is 18 to 21 meters long. Work is also underway on the other side of the canal. It was here that the works related to the construction of the new Norwegian quay began, the driving of the sheet piling and the construction of CFA piles began.

The port will double the amount of cargo handled

Thanks to the investment, the port of Szczecin will accept ships with a load of up to 50 thousand. tons on board, which will double the amount of cargo currently handled. This will increase the port's competitiveness on the market. Above all, however, as a result of the expansion and deepening of the Dębicki Canal, the safety related to ship traffic in this area of ​​the port will significantly improve.

It will be done

As part of the investment, nearly 1,000 meters of the Czeskie and Słowackie quays will be reconstructed, along with the modernization of the technical infrastructure at the quays' immediate hinterland and their adaptation to a technical depth of 12.5 m.

On the island of Ostrów Grabowski, the contractor will also build over 1080 meters of completely new Norwegian and Danish quays. As part of the project, the Dębicki Canal will be widened to 200 m (currently 120 m) and deepened to 12.5 m. A concrete mattress will strengthen the bottom of the Channel in the area of ​​the Spółdzielczy, Fińskie and Czeskie quays and will protect them against the movement of ship propellers. On the Ostrów Mieleński island, a spoil dump site will be made. It is there and on the dump sites being reconstructed under another contract in Ostrów Grabowski where the spoil excavated during dredging works will be stored. Approximately 1.5 million m3 will be developed.

The project "Improving access to the port of Szczecin in the region of the Dębicki Canal" is co-financed by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Infrastructure and Environment operational program. The cost of the works is PLN 343.1 million. The investor of the project is the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, the contractor is the Sopot-based company NDI, and the project is supervised by SWECO.

Investment in numbers

The total length of the sheet piling - 40 km.

The total length of steel pipes - 20 km.


The total tonnage of the walls for the quay Norwegian and Danish is 3,800 t, the entire scope was delivered to the construction site in 2 months.

So far, 280 running meters of the design 300 running meters have been made.

Almost 280 CFA piles were made of the design 360 pcs.

3400 m of poles with maces were delivered for the construction site.


All the demolition works for Phase I were completed.

4,300 linear meters of 16,000 linear meters of ground anchors were made on the nave. Czech and Slovak.

146/801 pcs were buried and concreted.

Diving works revealed over 1600 pieces of various types of ammunition at the bottom of the pool.


2,100 / 4,800 running meters of the working platform on the Island was completed.

0.5 million m2 of geosynthetics is being delivered to the Island.

50 ha of forest were cleared according to the decision of the Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection.

Pontoon Bridge - across the Duńczyca River

Currently, 100 of the planned 120 parts of the PP-64 Pontoon Park are on the construction site.

Good to know

The amount of excavated material from the bottom of the Canal would fill the newly built Pogoń Stadium four times or the National Stadium one and a half times.

Reinforcement (ribbed and straight bars), the number of tons of reinforcement (1600 tons) is equal to the weight of 73 Rosomak armored personnel carriers.

Structural concrete, the designed amount of m3 of concrete would allow for the construction of Jasne Błonia with a layer of 0.30 m of concrete.

The current status of the project

Material progress: 23%.

The 1st stage of works is in progress: the Czeskie Quay, stage I, approx. 316 m, the Norweskie Quay, and the construction of a dump site in Ostrów Mieleński.

Project financial progress: 10%.

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