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The Prime Minister confirms construction of a breakwater

The Cabinet was in session today. Concerning current matters, the Minister of Maritime Economy Marek Grobarczyk submitted a resolution concerning registration in the long-term program of investments financed by the state budget, construction of a breakwater (external port) in Swinoujscie.

It should be remembered that without a breakwater the Swinoujscie LNG terminal, an integral part of the entire project, would not be able to function or even exist. Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczynski confirmed that construction of a breakwater in Swinoujscie is an investment of strategic importance for the country and with regard to the necessity of uninterrupted work should be financed completely from the state budget.

The Prime Minister recommended, therefore, that acceptance of the resolution by the Cabinet be accelerated. This will happen most likely by next Friday. The Szczecin Harbour Board continues at present final preparations for the announcement of the winning tender for the completion of the building documents of a breakwater. In order to comply with formalities, the moment of announcing the winning tender will follow the moment of adoption by the Cabinet of the resolution concerning registration of the investment in the long-term program. Resources from the state budget next year will cover the cost of issuing records, while the main part of resources will be given in the next two years, when the actual investment will be made.
Public relations officer of the Minister of Maritime Economy
Krzysztof Gogol