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The week of cruisers

On 17th August two river cruisers called at the city, namely m/v Katharina von Bora and m/v Johannes Brahms, both under the German flag. On board of those ships nearly 200 people come to the city.

From 17th until 20th August, eight cruisers are expected to stop at Wały Chrobrego in Szczecin. These will include two sea-going cruisers which visit our city for the first time.

On Wednesday, 19th August, we expect an American luxurious cruiser m/s Silver Cloud to visit our city for the first time.  271 passengers, chiefly from the US, and 200 international crew members will come on board. M/s Silver Cloud is 156m in length, 21.4m in width and 5.7m in draught. The ship will be moored at Wały Chrobrego between 8:00 and 19:00.
Apart from m/v Silver Cloud, we expect two river cruisers, m/s Mona Lisa, France, (from 18.08/19:00 until 19.08/12:00) and m/s Saxony, Swiss, (from 18.08/14:30 until 19.08/09:30). The two ships will bring together nearly 200 people.

A day later, on 20th August, a German sea-going cruiser m/v Delphin will come to Szczecin for the first time with 423 passengers from Germany and 225 international crew members. The ship will moor at Wały Chrobrego between 8:00 and 19:00.

Apart form m/v Delphin two river cruisers are also expected, including German m/s Sans Souci (from 19.08/23:00 until 20.08/12:00) and Swiss m/s Swiss Coral (from 19.08/20:00 until 20.08/11:30) with almost 200 people on board.

The two sea-going cruisers will be received with a representative orchestra, and during their stay in Szczecin a special city information centre will be established at the berth. This has become a routine welcome in our city and it is very well received by passengers and crews alike.