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1. General information

SZCZECIN AND ŚWINOUJSCIE SEA PORTS AUTHORITY with its headquarters in Szczecin, 7 Bytomska Street, 70-603 Szczecin, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the number: KRS 0000033768, registration court: District Court Szczecin-Centrum in Szczecin, amount of share capital: PLN 14 328 570,00 (paid in full), REGON: 811649448, NIP: 9551889161 (hereinafter: "ZMPSiŚ S.A."), acting to ensure further dynamic development of sea ports in Szczecin and Świnoujście, made efforts to lease investment land in the central part of the port in Szczecin. According to the assumptions of the Local Spatial Development Plan, the area of the total area of 93,890 m2 can be designated for service, logistics, distribution or production functions. It is possible to develop the whole area (9.39 ha) or single properties starting from 1.8 ha.

The area of the West Pomeranian Logistic Center is located in the central point of the Szczecin Port. Thanks to excellent communication with the road system, it is possible to conveniently transport cargo between the planned investments and adjacent quays. The direct vicinity of companies providing cargo handling services and all kinds of activities around the port allows to significantly reduce the costs of many operations. The undoubted advantage of such a location is also the proximity of Free Customs Area, PKP (Polish State Railways) tracks and direct entry and exit from port areas to the exit road from Szczecin. In the vicinity of the offered properties there are all necessary utilities, including the teletechnical infrastructure. The Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, as a media provider, ensures the quality of services provided at the highest level.

2. Location - existing status

The investment areas of the West Pomeranian Logistics Centre (WLC) are located within the port of Szczecin. The land property with the total area of 93.890 m2 includes the following plots of land: no. 21/19, no. 22/5, no. 38/3, no. 23 - all of them from the area of 1084 in Szczecin, located within the boundaries of the sea port in Szczecin within the area of the West Pomeranian Logistics Centre (WLC) at Stanisława Hryniewieckiego Street and Ks. Stanisława Kujota Street. By the decision of the Management Board of ZMPSiŚ S.A., the area of the WLC was divided into two plots for lease with an area of 5.99 ha and 3.39 ha, separated by road.

The above mentioned plots are fully ready for lease - they are equipped with utilities and the load capacity of access roads was increased to 115 kN/axis. Within the limits of the subject of the lease, we propose to the future tenant to carry out an investment consisting, among other things, in the construction of buildings intended for the following functions: service, logistics, distribution, production, together with the necessary accompanying infrastructure, on the basis of an investment concept submitted in a tender, including, among other things, a schedule of planned investment works.

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Pic. 1 Westpomeranian Logistics Centre

Fig. 1   Map

Pic. 2  Location of the area in the port of Szczecin .

3.  Extract from the Spatial Development Plan


land designation

1) production-base storage, reloading function, with the accompanying functions,

2) the following services are permitted: production, logistics,

3) prohibition of the location of the housing function,

4) until the plan is implemented, current land use is allowed;


building and development area

1) the non-destructible installation lines according to the plan drawing,

2) the development area up to 60 % of the plot,

3) the height of buildings up to 30.0 m above sea level, the height of structures, equipment and facilities according to technological needs, taking into account § 6 section 2 item 15,

4) roofs of any parameters,

5) on the premises of S.M.7019.PU, hiding civil protection for maintenance is allowed, a change in the use of the facility, taking into account civil defence requirements

6) the location of free-standing and built-in advertising is allowed;


rules of parceling

1) the parcel with the access of the newly separated plot to a public road, directly or through internal roads,

2) minimum area of the separated plot of land - 1 ha,

3) minimum width of the front of the separated plot - 50 m,

4) the angle of inclination of the boundaries of the newly separated plot of land in relation to the axis of the directly adjacent road lane 85° ¸ 95°;


environmental protection

1) area of biologically active land min. 10 % of the plot area,

2) an area within the boundaries of a seaport, an area of immediate flood risk;


protection of cultural heritage and monuments

the area covered by the exposure protection zone "E";



1) S.M.7019.PU site service from the sites: S.M.7083.KD.L (Ks. Kujota Street) and/or S.M.7096.KDW and/or S.M.7097.KDW,

2) site service S.M.7020.PU from S.M.7097.KDW,

3) S.M.7021.PU site service from the sites: S.M.7083.KD.L and/or S.M.7096.KDW and/or S.M.7097.KDW,

4) the number of parking spaces shall be determined on the basis of the requirements set out in § 6 section 6,

5) construction of railway sidings is allowed;


technical infrastructure

1) water, gas, electricity and telecommunication supply and rainwater disposal on the basis of existing and designed networks

of land development in the area: S.M.7076.KD.G, S.M.7078.KD.Z, S.M.7083.KD.L, S.M.7096.KDW, S.M.7097.KDW, S.M.7018.PUw, S.M.7019.PU, S.M.7020.PU, S.M.7021.PU,

2) existing networks: water, gas, heat, electricity,

telecommunication, sanitary and rainwater sewerage and pressure pipelines of sanitary sewage - with approval for reconstruction, extension, repair and building a network in a new location,

3) existing 15/0,4 kV transformer stations supplied with a 15 kV cable line - with allowance for reconstruction, expansion, repair, liquidation and construction of the station in the new location,

4) existing sanitary sewage pumping stations - with permission to rebuild, expand, overhaul and build a pumping station in a new location,

5) in the area of S.M.7019.PU the existing base station for mobile phones and radiolines - with permission for reconstruction, extension, renovation,

6) in the areas: S.M.7019.PU, S.M.7020.PU existing drainage equipment -

allowing for reconstruction, extensions, renovations,

7) the construction of new 15/0,4 kV transformer stations is permitted, powered by a 15 kV cable line,

8) construction of new sanitary sewage pumping stations is allowed.

4. Media availability.

Existing infrastructure



Electricity (Y/N)


  • Voltage [kV]

3 transformer stations - 630kVA for each

  • Available power capacity [MW]

To be agreed


 Gas (Y/N)


      Connection point (distance

      from boundary) [m]

20 m

  • Calorific value [MJ/Nm3]

36,0 MJ/Nm3

  • Pipe diameter [mm]  

90 mm

  • Available capacity [Nm3/h]

No data available


Water supply (Y/N)


Y  (social)

  • Available capacity [m3/24h]

2400 m3/24h


 Sewage discharge (Y/N)


  • Available capacity [m3/24h]

2400 m3/24h

Wastewater treatment plant on site or in the immediate vicinity (Y/N)


Telephone (Y/N)


5. This information is addressed to entities interested in leasing investment areas in the port of Szczecin, for which the possibility of transporting goods by sea is an important element.

Szczecin and Świnoujscie Sea Ports Authority invites all entities interested in leasing WLC areas, by filling in the Program Questionnaire for Investments (PQI).

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PQI can be sent to or submitted in writing to the address:
Zarząd Morskich Portów Szczecin i Świnoujście S.A.
7, Bytomska Street
70-603 Szczecin

Szczecin and Świnoujście Sea Ports Authority (PA) reserves that this information does not constitute: a declaration of will of PA, a declaration of will of PA to conclude an agreement or an offer of PA or an announcement of an auction or tender. It is, on the other hand, an invitation to take an interest in investment areas in the port of Szczecin, which, after meeting certain conditions and acceptance of both parties, will lead to the lease of the said area.