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Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Portowych Elewator Ewa Sp. z o.o.

Street: Hryniewieckiego 26
Post code: 70-606
City: Szczecin
Telefon: (+48 91) 430 82 66
Fax: (+48 91) 462 41 65
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Elewator EWA deals with handling of grain, seed and feed. Handling operations take place on the Zbozowe quay. The quay has a computerized system for weighing grain and automatic weighbridge. Loading facilities enable the handling of grain from / to the wagons at the handling rate of 3,600 tons per day or 4,000 tons of grain and 2,500 tons of soy seeds per day in the relation: quay - vessel. For self-trimming vessels the daily handling rate is 4,000 tons of grain and 2,000 tons of pellets; it is possible to carry out phytosanitary check and store cargo in a customs warehouse.


Zbozowe: 220 meters long with 9.15 meters draught. Two cranes with handling capacity of 400 tons per hour. Seven telescoping ship loaders. 13-storey warehouse of 8,500 ton storage capacity and 170 tanks that can store 46,500 tons of goods. The elevator has also a pneumatic discharger and loader-bulldozers.

Slowackie: 220 meters long with 9.15 meters draught.

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