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12.5m for Szczecin

Deepening of the Swinoujscie-Szczecin fairway to the technical depth of 12.5 m is one of the key investments linked not only with the development of the port of Szczecin, but also an important impetus for the development of the region. The technical depth of 68 km fairway connecting Swinoujscie and Szczecin, at almost the entire length has 10.5 m. This allows for the safe shipping of vessels with a draught of 9.15 m. The Baltic standard in case of depth of waters in the sea ports and container terminals is currently 15-16m. The condition for the maintenance of the competitive position of the port of Szczecin built over the years is the realization of the deepening of the fairway.
Location of Szczecin can be an advantage. It offers the chance of getting by sea much closer and much cheaper to the recipients and senders of goods. The similar location – into the land and thus closer to the facilities and business centers – can be seen in many European ports. An example is the Port of Hamburg, which is separated from the open sea by the 110km fairway, and in Antwerp - approximately 130km. Volume of cargo handled in these ports indicates that these ports develop and serve as the important economic centers of the regions and countries in which they operate.

For this to happen also in Szczecin, it is necessary to deepen the fairway to the port of Szczecin. One of the factors indicating the need for action in this regard, are trends in the global fleet. For many years in the shipping market there are more and more ships to carry more and larger quantities of goods. This means that their basic parameters, including immersion, continue to grow. If the fairway will not be deepened, the number of vessels, which the port of Szczecin will not be able to handle due to reduced availability, will constantly increase.

Not without significance is the investment policy of the Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority that takes into account the need of adapting port infrastructure to handle larger vessels by the port of Szczecin. The newly built or modernized construction quays allow handling vessels with greater than before immersion. It will be possible after the deepening of the fairway and reaching a depth of 12.5 m at the waterfront.

The logistics companies are also prepared to handle larger vessels. However, today, many customers are forced to use other deep-water ports, because the freight market requires it from them, and the maximum draught in other ports of southern Baltic are much larger than the port in Szczecin.
Deepening of the fairway is therefore a necessity. The implementation of this project will be possible only with a joint effort of the whole port and economic environment. To date, various actions have been taken that promote the idea of deepening the Swinoujscie-Szczecin fairway to a depth of 12.5 m.

It should be noted that investment in the planned modernization of the fairway are being in fact already implemented by the Maritime Office in Szczecin - in the form of reconstruction of the Piastowski Channel.