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The Laboratory of Work Environment Research began its work in 1969 at the Port Authority of Szczecin and Swinoujscie. From the beginning of its activity it was located in the antique building (Building No. 44) on the Romanian dock. At present the laboratory acts as one of the divisions of Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority SA on the basis of Organizational Regulations of Enterprises from 1 April 2003 and is registered in the Department of Environmental Protection and Work Safety Regulations. The Laboratory of Work Environment Research carries out widely comprehensive environmental research. 

Apart from research on harmful physical and chemical substances, research is also done on water and sewage. The laboratory possesses documents of Quality Management System in compliance with PN-EN ISO 17025:2001. Elements of Quality Management System are documented in the Quality Book, General Procedures and Instructions for the Quality System.

The laboratory has at its disposal the necessary and required measuring and investigation equipment, subjected to periodic checks, calibration and authentication. Workers conducting measurements show their papers with qualifications and professional experience. The knowledge of the workers is developed through the system of internal and external training. It should be pointed out that intellectual and technical potential is developed by the laboratory in the research done as well as extended in the sphere of activity.

The laboratory participates in interlaboratory research of comparative quality of research and proficiency which confirms and allows maintenance of a high level of research conducted in the laboratory.

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