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Port Waste

Ports Authority manages waste in accordance with applicable laws and decisions held. SA Ports Authority has obtained a decision on the recycling and collection of waste in the port of Szczecin and the decision on the production and recycling of waste in the sewage treatment plant at Ferry Terminal in Swinoujscie, Program for hazardous waste management in the port of Szczecin, as well as information on generated waste and methods of managing generated waste that is not hazardous in the port of Szczecin and in the port of Swinoujscie.

The type and volume of generated waste, storage space, temporary storage and waste disposal is determined by the above decisions and information concerning waste management. For waste management the Ports Authority also keeps quantitative - qualitative records of generated and recycled waste. Furthermore, once a year Ports Authority delivers collective information on the number and types of waste generated to the Marshal of the West.

Waste collection is performed by authorized entities with the appropriate permits required under the Waste Management Act.

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