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General cargo

An important service offered by both ports is general cargo handling, using conventional methods, also in containers and in the ro-ro system.

For many years, the ports have been using proved and efficient logistic chains to transport general cargo, such as:

The port infrastructure in the ports of Szczecin and Swinoujscie allows for containerized cargo and other intermodal transport units’ traffic. The annual transshipment capacity of the terminal is 200,000 TEU.

In case of the shipping offer, Szczecin offers regular connections to the Scandinavian countries, Great Britain, Ireland and West Africa, and container feeder connections to major base ports - Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam. Swinoujscie offers eight daily ferries departures to Sweden (Ystad and Trelleborg) and regular shipping to Norway and Iceland.

For general cargo, the ports offer storage, grouping and packaging of goods in duty free zones. This is particularly important for goods from outside the European Union - they can be stored without payment of customs duties and other charges. In Szczecin, cargo which is stored in duty free zones most frequently includes blocks of granite, cocoa beans, while in Swinoujscie dominates frozen cargo.