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In 2024 – drive from the container terminal to the Czech border by express road!

Location of the deep-water container terminal in Świnoujście, in the transport corridor between Scandinavia and Adriatic Sea, is an undeniable advantage of the project. Only if the terminal is well connected with the hinterland of Eastern Germany, Southern Poland and Central Europe, and the transport modes include expressways, rail links and waterways. This connection network is being built. Already in 2024 from port of Świnoujście we will be able to reach Lubawka on the border with the Czech Republic by S3 expressway.

The S3 expressway is part of the transport corridor connecting Scandinavia with the Adriatic Region. Hundreds of lorries are already departing and arriving by ferry connecting Świnoujście with cities of Ystad and Trelleborg in Sweden, to continue their journey south. In a few years, when the deep-water container terminal project in the external port is completed, this volume will increase significantly.

Expressway S3 – trunk route

The S3 is also the main trunk road along Polish Western border, connecting three highways – A6, A2 and A4.

- This route has been gradually built since year 2007 – recalls Łukasz Lendner, director of Szczecin branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA).

– At that time began the construction of the first sections of S3 express road: Szczecin - Gorzów Wielkopolski, the next sections were built in Lubuskie and Dolnośląskie Provinces. Currently, about 80 percent of this road is ready. In Western Pomerania, only the section from Szczecin to Świnoujście remains to be fully completed. In the South part of the country, construction of the final section from Bolków to Lubawka with two tunnels is underway, and a short section in the Polkowice region is being finalized.

Extension of the Miękowo - Rzęśnica section

The first reconstructed section in Western Pomerania, driving from Szczecin, is Miękowo - Rzęśnica with a length of 19 km. This is a common route of national roads Nos. 3 and 6. This dual carriageway route, under a name “S3”, was built in the second half of the 1970s. Originally, only one road node was built - Rurka (Goleniów Południe), in the following years more nodes and viaducts were added. However, the route has never been fully adapted to the parameters of the expressway. There is an investment almost completed now, that will change that. As part of a contract worth PLN 126.3 million, a road junction was built in Kliniska Wielkie. The Rzęśnica node was also completely rebuilt. Finishing work is underway, and should be finalized in April this year.

S3: Brzozowo - Miękowo

The dual carriageway S3 ends at the bypass of Miękowo, which has been in service since 2012, and the DK3 single-carriageway is still there. This is also the beginning of the next section of the new S3: Brzozowo - Miękowo with a length of 22.4 km. New dual carriageway S3, bypasses of Miękowo, Troszyn, Parłówko and Ostromice. The contract worth PLN 360.5 million is also expected to be completed in April this year.

- The progress of the works is significant, on most of the section finishing works are underway – informs director Łukasz Lendner. - Connection with other roads will be provided by road nodes – Babigoszcz, Przybiernów and Brzozowo. The road will mostly pass through forest areas, so four large animal crossings are being built.

Last stage: Troszyn –  Świnoujście and the junction to the tunnel

The last section of the S3 expressway in West Pomerania, which remains to be built, is the section between Świnoujście and Troszyn with a length of 33km. This section of S3 will begin at a roundabout at the exit of the tunnel in Świnoujście, and it will end at the Troszyn bypass.
Dual carriageway S3 will provide adequate capacity necessary for the development of ferry connections and other needs of the port of Świnoujście. The work is progressing because governmental funding has already been secured in 2017.
-The contracts for the design and construction of this part of the road were signed In August 2020 – informs the head of Szczecin branch of GDDKiA. - The construction of the road was divided into two fragments: Świnoujście - Dargobądz and Dargobądz - Troszyn. The total value of contracts is PLN 1.36 billion and the total value of the investment exceeds PLN 1.5 billion.

Contractors are preparing the projects. In the middle of this year, applications for decisions for the implementation of the investment should be submitted. The works are expected to start in spring 2022 and are due to be completed in the second quarter of 2024.

The new route will mostly run in the corridor of the existing national road No. 3 with minor adjustments. In the area of The Wolinski National Park, a second road lane will be added to the existing one. Tighter road curves in this section will force the speed limit. There will be six road nodes built.

S3: from Bolków to the Czech border

Last year, construction work began on the southernmost section of the S3 - from Bolków to the state border in Lubawka, with a length of more than 31 kilometers. The route is divided into two smaller implementation sections: from the Bolków node to Kamienna Góra node, and from Kamienna Góra node to Lubawka (state border).

This section of the expressway will include: two road tunnels: one about 2300m long, between the villages of Sady Górne, Stare and Nowe Bogaczowice, and the second with a length of about 320m near the village of Gostków. The project also provides for three road junctions. In 2023, this section of the S3 road should be ready.

Offers can be submitted until April 15th this year

Proceedings are ongoing to identify the investor and the subsequent operator of the deep-water container terminal. Interested parties may submit their offers until April 15th 2021.Downloadable documents: