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New track at Portowców Quay in Świnoujście Seaport

On 26th September this year, several days before the contractual completion date, a new railway track was finished at the Portowców Quay in Świnoujście. The new track will be used by cranes handling grain and fodder. Even for a specialist company it was a challenge to provide turn-key rebuilding and at the same time it was unprecedented refurbishment of the 234.20 m crane track.

All works had to proceed during uninterrupted reloading of ships scheduled to be handled at the quay. The works included dismantling of the previous track, disposal of dilapidated sub-grade elements, sub-base and top layer and concrete foundation beam, as well as drilling over 1800 holes for anchors, fitting new fishplates and a new A-100 rail, restoring lightning installation and hardening of the surface along the track and the channel and providing rainwater drainage. Yet another difficulty, unusual at quays, was the fact that the waterside rail was placed on a pier separated from the quay with a barge basin.

Mr Marek Kowalewski, President of the company Port Handlowy Świnoujście Ltd. said: "The works helped restoring full operational capacity of the crane and improving safety and comfort of cargo handling at the Portowców Quay".

The works were provided by a consortium of INFRA - PORT Szczecin and ZEDIOS Pruszków, with the main contractor of Zakład Elektromechaniki Dźwigowej i Ogólnej „ZEDIOS” Sp. z o.o. The project started in April this year and its total investment cost was about PLN3.4 million.

Grain, unloaded at the Portowców Quay situated in the port section operated by the Commercial Port of Świnoujście, is stored at a grain terminal developed in w 2011. The terminal was built by Bunge, a US company which is the world leading producer in the agro-food sector. The total capacity of flat storage warehouses at the BTP terminal in Świnoujście is 50 thousand tonnes, whereas its annual cargo handling capacity is estimated at 700 thousand tonnes. The terminal provides handling of seagoing ships, including Panamax. The building of the grain terminal by the Bunge Group in the port of Świnoujście was the largest investment among recently implemented projects in Poland and Europe.

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